How to make money on Instagram

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Social media platforms are buzzing with extensive expansion. Many different platforms have been created. Initially, Facebook was the most known social media site, however, in the past few years, another platform was initiated. This platform is called Instagram. It is a social media site that has gained a lot of popularity among all generations. The number of users has also increased since its creations. Apart from its social aspect, all social media are also sources of income. There are different tactics to have your social media work for you and can help in paying your bills. Many institutions majorly use social media platforms for marketing and expanding their business. On the other hand however, these platform can be used for employment.


It is important that we define these social media platform, Instagram. It is an application that allows its users to share their pictures online. Apart from allowing its users to share their pictures online, it has editing features. This enable the user to change and add effects on their pictures. There is an Instagram app that you can have in your phone.

How Instagram works

There is an Instagram app that you can install in your phone. With this app, you can easily access these platform with the app. After getting the app, you are given an option to create an account. After this simple step, you are then on the go to use the platform. To enjoy more of this platforms, you require followers. There is an option to invite your friends to follow your activities in the gram.

Ways of making money

Yes, you can make money in Instagram! People have always known that only you tube and blogging websites can make them money. Instagram however, can also make you some bucks. Finding ways on how to make money on Instagram is key. Some of those ways are;

●Sponsored posts

One way of making money in Instagram is using the platform you have created to post adverts for different brands. Irrespective of the number of followers you have, this move will help you earn from such companies.

●Commission selling

There are many private companies that you can get affiliated with and offer to use your platform as their marketing space. Every time one of their products is sold out, you get a commission.


Instagram’s main purpose is to share pictures online. For a professional photographer or any other person with an eye for photography, you can use the platform you have created to market and sell your photos.

●Promoting your business

Instagram has a use number of users. After gaining a large number of followers, you can use this platform to market your products. You can also sell your products using this platform. Create offers that you advertise in your page. This will create a large traffic to your page and increase sales.

●Selling your account

One other way of making money is selling your Instagram account. Posting and following up on your account can be tiresome. In such an instance, you can sell your account at a price.


There are many ways of having your Instagram account work for you. To speed the process and your strategy you can register to a class or learn more tips online.

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