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Youtube is the most popular video streaming site in the world and many people want to make videos and money. But people always want to know how to make money on Youtube. There are a few things you can do to improve your chances of making money off of your Youtube videos.

Content Ideas

The first step for any content provider is, well, content. Decide what content you want to do and there are lots of topics to pick from. Once you have your topic, you then need to make videos.

Making Videos

Here you need to decide what type of video to do. The simplest way is to record your voice and add it to a simple slide-show. This is rarely captivating, no matter how good your audio content. The next easiest is to record yourself edit that into a video. You can use animation, though this can be time-consuming. Commonly creators will use some or all of these techniques.

Tips for Great Videos

There are a few common pitfalls so here are some tips to avoid them.

· Use a good equipment. High-quality sound and video will not save an uninteresting video, but it is still a factor your audiences’ enjoyment.

· Keep it simple. A simple and well-made video is always better than a poorly executed spectacle.

· Use a script. Even a basic outline will improve your videos. Don’t worry about being natural, that comes with practice.

Making Money

You can monetize, or play ads, your videos so long as they meet Youtube advertising standards. Follow those standards to keep monetized. If your video is demonetized, you can appeal the decision. The truth is, that controversial or offensive topics are likely to be demonetized. To make money you need views and to get them you need to advertise.


Sites such as Facebook or Twitter are great to tell your audience what you are doing and when content is released. Facebook also offers ads which can be a good promotion choice.

Collaborations are another way to increase your audience, if you have an idea for a video with another content provider it might be worth asking. Having your own website is a good idea too.

Outside of luck, you are going to need to build your brand through word of mouth and it takes time and effort, make sure to promote your work.

Potential Problems

There are some things you should be careful with when monetizing videos on Youtube.

· If you need to use copyrighted materials make sure they fall under fair use. Even then be careful, as Youtube’s procedures will, at least initially, favor the copyright claimant. So be careful or your account may be locked or in worse cases deleted.

· As mentioned above, your videos can be considered non-advertiser friendly. Be careful with your content.

· Follow the community guidelines. Do not harass, abuse or threaten people in your videos or in comment sections. This can get you banned.

There are other avenues to make money off of Youtube more indirectly, through sites such as Patreon, but for those wanting to work with the Youtube monetization system, that is how to make money on Youtube.

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